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Caorle, Adriatic coast
Caorle old sailing boats

Caorle, near Venice

Most towns on the Adriatic coast have become generic tourist resorts, characterless  concrete strips of hotels and apartments.  Picturesque Caorle has retained it’s old fishing village feel. It offers a whole lot for visitors, plenty of culture, history and tradition. Not to mention the great food, especially fish People often liken Carole to Venice because of its narrow streets ‘cali’ and shaded piazza’s overlooked by frescoed houses painted in vibrant Venetian colours.  Caorle has a unique sea protection wall,  blocks of marble have been sculptured by a different artists into ugly and comical faces. The beach is lovely and has won many awards, it’s one of the cleanest in Italy.  Caorle’s  an ideal place for a relaxing early or late summer short break. You can take a day trip to Venice by public transport or by local excursion.



airports to destination:
Venice Treviso: 58 kms
Venice Marco Polo : 69 kms
Trieste 109 kms

destination to places of Interest:
Venice 79 kms
Treviso: 58 kms
Grado: 88 kms
Trieste: 114 kms
Conegliano: 80 kms